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Transport: Packaging In Freight Forwarding

Packaging is one of the key factors of importance, no matter what means of transport is being used in freight forwarding. It is not only for the safety of the contents but also due to regulations in place.The exporter and importer are concerned with the contents of the freight and the time involved. Both these factors, however, are influenced by the type of packaging used to transport the freight.Companies might pay attention to how sturdy and resistant the packaging is, since the freight needs to go through various stages of handling. The sturdiness and the resistance of the material need to be considered against the movement the goods will be subjected to.In international logistics, the type of packaging is important if wood is used. That applies to filling material (called dunnage), as well. Goods in cartons can be consolidated on a pallet. If, however, the pallet is made of wood, it must conform to a regulation called ISPM 15. A pallet that conforms to this regulation will carry an IPPC logo, which can be clearly seen on the side. This is mandatory.The wood used, in such a case has been subjected to pest control treatment. Heat is used in one type and a chemical called methyl bromide is used in the next one. The chemical treatment is not followed in most of the countries due to environmental pollution.In freight forwarding, the type of packaging used becomes a critical factor, because of two reasons. Weak material can cause damage and the wrong type of wood used will cause not only delay but also unnecessary cost. Wood that has not been subject to treatment will cause the freight to be confiscated and returned at shipper’s expenses.A pallet that carries the IPPC logo with the letter HT on it, has been subject to heat treatment. If, instead, the letters MB appear in it, the wood has undergone Methyl Bromide treatment.Heat treatment is better than the chemical one. It kills all the pests without damaging the environment. Almost all the countries are particular about the right packaging material. Failing to pay attention to this factor might cause unwanted expenses.Using the wrong packaging may not cause problem in the country of departure. However, on arrival at the airport of destination, the freight might be subject to inspection and that is when you are in for a shock.Last but not the least, think about insurance. Freight moved by air will be processed fast and handling in a warehouse will be quick raising the chances of possible damage. An insurance cover may be important.